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Supplies for adoption day

Basic Care - Quick Tips
 Things you need for adoption day: Oxbow adult guinea pig pellets (can find at Petsmart or Chuck&Dons), timothy hay, food dish holds about a cup and not easily tipped over, water bottle ball tipped nozzle, hideaways 1 for each pig, bedding options: fleece fabric 2 yards a cut so get 2 sets, with uhalpads found at any local Uhaul store pic in email to show the right one get 2 packages. Here we use fleece fabric over uhaulpad found at any local Uhaul store we recommend using fleece instead of of other bedding types as it saves on cost, work and is washable. Plus it is great on their feet and they love to snuggle on it. A nail clipper, and Chewy toys.

Diet they are on is unlimited pellets and Timothy hay and 1 cup of veggies per pig each day. 

****No balls or wheels for exercise, no harnesses, no vitamin C drops for water, no yogurt treats, no salt blocks, no cedar bedding toxic, no hay balls or racks one is provided with your cage*****

Mon: romaine, cherry tomatoes, cilantro 

Tues: romaine, carrots, bell peppers 

Wed: spring mix(apples or other fruit as treat)

Thurs: spring mix, bell pepper, carrots

Fri: parsley, cucumber 

Sat: kale and any other veggie left over from previous days

Sun:(fruit as a treat optional) Mix of veggies left over from previous days so not to waste 

I switch out veggies depending on what they like and to give variety can always add cilantro, green beans, corn uncooked, grapes, honeydew, canalope, celery, and fresh grass and dandelion from outside as long as you don't use any pesticides or fertilizer chemicals on any part of your lawn
Veggie Schedule